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Now I'm sure you're probably wondering, "Wait! Where's the cute toddler celebrating her first birthday"? Well, this is a very different "First" birthday party!

This Sweet Sixteen year old celebrated her very first birthday party ever this weekend! Having never had a birthday party or  cake in the Ukrainian orphanage where she grew up, this was a special occasion that simply had to be celebrated!

This past year she and her brother were adopted by their American adoptive parents and became US Citizens just last month. Along with many firsts, having a birthday party was high on the list of things she wished she could have enjoyed as a child. And her birthday cake from Sweet 'N Heavenly was of special significance as it was her favorite color, purple, and adorned with edible paper butterflies, the symbol of her freedom, transformation and beauty. The look on her face the first time she saw her birthday cake was magical! 

Watching her open gifts and read each and every word of the hand written notes  given to her by her friends and family was really special to watch. They clearly meant the world to her and she couldn't have felt more loved, wanted and blessed to know God has had His hand upon her and has great plans for her life going forward! The things we all seem to take for granted were, for her, something that brought such joy and delight! 

I felt honored to be able to play a role in documenting for this sweet sixteen year old the special day where she was celebrated and loved upon! Enjoy this clip of the entire day's events! 








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3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Photographer http://korynhutchisonphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/2/3-reasons-to-hire-a-professional-photographer



 Let me take you down memory lane to a day in 1986. Our wedding day. We were young, poor and naïve. We hired a friend of the family to take our wedding photos, an older gentleman with a fancy camera and someone who had some knowledge about photography, but he was still learning and I would say an amateur at best. He captured the important moments. He knew how to use a flash at the reception, but at the end of the day all we had were negatives and square proofs. He offered no album, no retouching, no wall art. Years later we lost the negatives, and all we have now is a photo album with those same oddly shaped square proofs inserted under yellowing flimsy plastic sleeves to remember our wedding day by.


Fast forward to 2017. Many people own nice cameras now, and the digital age makes it easy to upload and share photos. Most people have a camera with them 24/7 via their Smartphone. But I dare say that when you think of professional photographs, these are not the type you have in mind. They are fine for posting to social media or for emailing to grandma, but when it comes to enjoying your special memories on a daily basis, you want them printed. Especially those once in a lifetime events, such as your newborn baby's first days at home, or your graduating senior before they leave for college. How about that wonderful engagement of your child to the love of their life,  or your parent's milestone 90th birthday!?  We want to stop these moments in time by documenting them in this moment, in this snapshot of their lives and remember forever how special it made us feel. 

These lifetime moments deserve a professional and here are 3 good reasons why.

1. A professional photographer can help you design your photoshoot from start to finish, from make up and accessories, location, coordinating family outfits, to arranging poses, getting that natural smile from your twelve year old son, to capturing a sweet tender moment you never saw coming between siblings. Professionals are trained to find the best light and use it to flatter her subjects. She will take charge of what could otherwise be a stressful situation and help you relax and enjoy yourself!


2. A professional photographer has and knows how to use professional editing software

to process your images for their highest quality with maximum output. This means that the image quality and resolution is high enough to have your images printed to life size if you wanted to! She will retouch each image so that you look your very best. There is just nothing quite like seeing your beautifully family, in crystal clear quality, printed, framed and hung on the wall of your home. It's simply magical! A smartphone photo cannot do this. There are just not enough pixels. And even a nice DSLR camera cannot do this unless you have and know how to use professional grade software.







3. A professional photographer has access to print labs and products you won't find in the retail marketplace and can help guide your decisions on the best use and display of your final images in an archival way. Digital images are great...until you cannot access them. And if you have ever had a hard drive or memory stick crash, you know that all too well! It is devastating. A professional will offer you archived digital storage and will help you learn the best way to preserve your images for future generations. Quite honestly, that is in printed form. Museum grade papers and glass, canvas and quality framing options are all something professionals should offer you.


I hope that you can now see the value in hiring s professional to document those special times in the life of your family. It's an investment you will be glad you made! If I can help you arrange your personal styled photo session to preserve your family memories, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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Put Your Best Face Forward! http://korynhutchisonphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/2/put-your-best-face-forward

Head shots can make or break a potential job offer by giving a first impression right out of the gate. Having professional images of yourself is critical to seeking new employment or creating a warm and inviting online presence, helping you put your best face forward on social media and networking sites! 

Did you know that in addition to family portraiture I offer head shot sessions with digital web sized files for you? Most often I do traditional solid backgrounds but about a month ago I was asked to do some outdoor  images for an actor/performer who was job hunting. Here's just a sample of some of his resulting images. And the best news? He landed his dream job at the happiest place on earth, Disneyworld!






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Celebrating Fall & Family http://korynhutchisonphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/11/celebrating-fall-family

Family sessions are my most popular fall packages, and this one was a VERY special one! An anonymous giver asked for me to gift this session to a family who goes above and beyond to serve their community and has given countless hours and hours to others.  I know that I have personally been blessed by their prayers and words of encouragement over the years, so it was with much delight that I was asked to offer them a session with our brilliant Virginia fall colors and to capture for them the thing they treasure most, their children and each other!

We decided on a crisp fall Saturday morning at the peak of this vibrant season, but it was a chilly 34*F outside so I suggested that they bring along blankets, gloves and hats! Lucky for everyone, their Grammie was visiting from out of state and was able to help wrangle the kids' attention and serve as coat helper.

As the sun came up over the pond, the kids were fascinated by a Great Blue Heron that was perched up on a railing, as well as the fish and turtles below the water. So many things to capture their wide eyed wonder and excitement!












Of course on of the very best things about fall is the LEAVES! SO many leaves! Leaves to admire and piles of leaves to throw in the air!


Best of all, time for a leaf fight with Mommy & Daddy! However, it was not ALL fun and games :(

Sadly, Daddy couldn't find his wedding ring. It had slipped off when he tossed his handful of leaves up into the air. We all began to search frantically along the ground. Even the children were beginning to show sad faces and they realized this was an impossible task.  But we all prayed and then a nearby neighbor  offered up a metal detector!












Thankfully, that afternoon, after searching the wide area where we had been playing, the ring was FOUND! Just one more example of how God continues to bless this family and show His love and grace to them every single day! It is a joy to know them!

Later that week, the mom showed me the wall of their new home where she looks forward to displaying their printed photographs! <3





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Sarah - Class of 2017 http://korynhutchisonphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/10/sarah---class-of-2017 This beautiful session was done on a warm autumn day in northern Virginia. The family asked for a location involving water, so what better way to do her shoot than at this lovely spot! It's private and quiet and a great place to take in all that nature beholds! From trickling water, to falling orange and yellow leaves...you would never know that this is just minutes from Washington DC!

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Belonging http://korynhutchisonphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/10/belonging

Take a look at the photo here. Does it speak to you? What does it say? As you can see, knowing the story behind this photo and learning this family's journey, it says BELONGING to me. That is because in photographing this family, it was so very evident to me that they BELONG together.  If you read their incredible story, you will see too that a Devine intervention designed this family before it ever came to be!

We are all created with this need to belong to something. Maybe it's your family roots, maybe it's your husband and children, maybe your church family, or your national identity. Whatever it may be, it gives a sense of security and acceptance.

It gives your children that sense too, and is an integral part of who they are and where they've come from to where they feel safe and loved, and of course, belong.

It also speaks of heritage and legacy, both of which I seek to portray through my images and stories.

The story behind this photo is an adoption story. Siblings who came from two parts of the world and were joined together as brother and sister after many years of being prayed for and sought after by their adoptive parents. A labor of love! They were destined to BELONG together as a family and to be nurtured and accepted for who they are and with all the needs they present. If you would like to read the full story, I have printed it HERE  in their mother's own words, because she could tell their story much better than I ever could. You'll read and see how there are no mistakes in this life, and how love can conquer even the most difficult grief and emerge joyous and eager to share of God's great blessing!

"When you get to  place where you understand that love and belonging, your worthiness, is a birthright and not something you have to earn, anything is possible" - Brene Brown

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Transitions http://korynhutchisonphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/9/transitions


We all go through them. Some happy. Some sad. Some both happy and sad!

Our families experience them all the time, and yet how often do we document them?

"What do you mean by that?", you ask?


Well, take a look at this canvas hanging in our family room. This photo was taken a couple of Christmases ago during our kids' college breaks. It was taken in one of my absolute favorite spots, a wide open field near our house, and at sunset's golden hour, (my absolute favorite time of the day!)

Now, what you don't see is the fact that I had to bribe all four of my twe

nty-somethings with wine to get this photo taken! This is our four children at a transition phase of our family life, the last holiday season before three of our four kids got engaged & married. Our middle son was seriously dating at the time, and just one year later he and our daughter would both be engaged.  The time went so quickly and before we knew it we would have 3 new wonderful in-laws joining our family!  Transitions. In this case, happy transitions. :) But I had these 4 children all in less than a 5 year span of time and I wanted to remember them forever just like this.

Sometimes transition phases need to be thought about in advance. That child leaving for college next year. Our last Christmas with baby Johnny before he is joined by a sibling. Pregnancy, first birthdays, first steps, first tooth lost! All of these moments of life are worth documenting, from the simple everyday to the monumental life changing moments...each one is a snapshot of your lives as families.

As is so often with transitions, and the importance of documenting them, is that you are capturing a moment in time that can never be gotten back. It's like a wisp of wind that can't be retrieved no matter how hard you try. All you have left is the memory...and hopefully, a photograph. 


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How To Look Your Best For Your Photo Session http://korynhutchisonphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/8/how-to-look-your-best-for-your-photo-session   Fall is coming… And you know what that means!  It’s photo time! Okay, so don't burst into tears. It's not so bad! 

Cooler temperatures and beautiful fall foliage backdrops make this a perfect season to book your family session!


Photos are cherished for a lifetime and an in

vestment for many, so looking picture perfect is a must! Below are five simple tips to keep in mind when selecting your wardrobe and location for your photos. 




1.  Choose a color scheme

Pick a color scheme that uses a minimum of three colors and at most five. This will ensure there is enough variety that you aren’t matching and yet keep everything cohesive. Keep in mind the location of your shoot. Pick colors that will stand out in your location whether that would be browns, gold, and orange, green grass or brick buildings. You may also want to keep the color scheme of your home in mind if you have a hard time choosing.


2. Choose textures and patterns

The old days of matching are over. Images look more interesting with a variety of color (tip above) and patterns. Rather than everyone wearing jeans and a top, identify one or two people to wear jeans and the others to wear khakis or a dress or a skirt. For men, adding a tweed blazer or wool sweater to layer over an outfit will give an opportunity for variety in photos because those items can be taken on and off. Add a touch of color using a pocket square, a bow tie or some fun suspenders.  

For women, sequins and silks have shine which create sparkle in the sunlight. They might also add a pop of color, which is always fun and draws the viewer in. They are always nice choices for photos. Be careful not to interject too many competing patterns or stripes. If one family member wears a stripe, maybe keep all others in solids with only a pop of pattern in a scarf or tie.


3. Identify props

A bit camera shy? Use props to keep your mind off the camera. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee sitting at table with your family. If you’re a bit more festive, you could bring a garland or Christmas lights and wrap yourself up in them. Props also help create a mood and setting. Many families choose to take pictures in parks or wide open spaces with the chance of overpowering the subject of the photo. Setting up a picnic in the park would help define the space and offer props to interact with. Having something for children to hold can especially help busy little hands…holding little brothers’ hand, or a small ball or flower or sprig of wheat (if outdoors). Also having a small chair or stool for them can keep little feet from wandering.


4. Professional Hair & Makeup

Without a face photos don't mean as much, so make sure your face is picture perfect. These family photos are ones that will be cherished for a lifetime, and you want to make sure they come out as you expect. As your professional, I will cover up blemishes and tame fly-aways with my attention to detail in post-session editing. I can also help you to know what is most flattering and complementary to your outfit choices, so don’t hesitate to ask for my assistance. If hiring make up professionals is out of budget, use false lashes, a smoothing foundation, and a bright lip color. These things will help your face look its best.


5. Identify Location

Once your outfits have been selected identify your location for your photos. Choose a place that will complement your outfits. For example, if someone chooses a bright red dress, a red brick wall would not be a great choice for a background because the tones of red clash. If location is most important, choose that first and the outfits accordingly.  

Keep those five tips in mind, and your family photos are sure to be a success!  

'Til next time-


P.S. Don't delay! Dates fill up quickly this time of year. with just a few weeks before leaves fall. Contact me to schedule your photo session today!

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What's Your Legacy? http://korynhutchisonphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/8/whats-your-legacy   Legacy. It's the thing you leave your children when you're gone and it can be found in photos such as this one! Have you

ever had somebody ask you if your children look like you? Or do they ask, "Does he look like your husband"?

Maybe he doesn't look like either one of you! What's Your Legacy?

The photo on the right is my son at 18. The photo on the left is my grandfather, his GREAT grandfather. The resemblance

is striking! And yet, if we had never had my grandfather's high school photo, we may not have ever noticed this

comparison. It gives a child a sense of belonging - of heritage. It's so vital to them knowing and growing up who they are

and where they come from. Don't let time slip away from you. Get family portraits done. Have high school photos taken.


Get in pictures with your children. Leave them a legacy to cherish forever!

'Til next time-

 ~ Koryn


P.S. Don't lose focus!









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