"What should I expect to spend and how long will this take"?

-Sessions begin at $200 for one hour, and can vary based on the number of subjects in the photos, number of hours shooting,  numbers of combinations of subjects, locations, and how many images you would like edited. 

-Sessions for professional head shots are  $125 for 30 minutes and you receive your 3 favorite retouched images.

-Newborn sessions take longer (3+ hours)and require me to transport my studio to your home and begin at $450.


"What does my session include"?

Each session fee includes a pre-session consultation, time involved  in traveling to scout out and shoot your session, and my styling/editing expertise. Each final image is hand edited and re-touched and stored for one year from the day of your shoot. Most one hour sessions will render 10 edited images.

"How long from the session date will I be able to view the photos?"

Typically in 7-10 days

"Will I receive the digital images from my session"? 

Yes! You'll be able to choose a select number of pictures from your session with an option to purchase additional.  I will also give you a list of trusted consumer print labs where you can order online and receive the same quality prints that professional labs offer and at very reasonable prices.

"What size print should I order"?

That depends on the place you wish to display your image. If you want a framed photo to sit on your dresser or your fireplace mantel shelf, for instance, then an 5" x 7" print would suffice. But if you want to hang your portrait over your living room sofa or love seat, then a larger size will look more appropriate. Included in your pre-consultation will be my assistance in helping you decide where and how to display your final images. See this photo below for a guideline: