Northern Virginia Nature and Landscape Photographer


Woodbridge, Virginia
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I'm glad you're here! I suspect you love photography and nature and are here to be inspired or to find fine art for your home or for gift giving. What is it about nature that speaks to you? Is it the grandeur of the night sky? The simplicity of the world secret beneath your feet? 

Ever since I received my first 35mm film camera for high school graduation, I have loved photography! The idea of capturing a moment in time or preserving an image of something forever has given me great satisfaction and joy over the years. Often times a happy accident will be in front of my lens and I can't wait to share with my followers and friends who weren't there to see it for themsleves. That's so often the case! It happens in a split second and can't be duplicated- those are the really special images to me and I sometimes feel privileged to have witnessed it in person!

Freezing a moment in time is a passion of mine and what fuels and drives my creative process. I hope you'll enjoy browsing my site!

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